tai chi

ownage. of these awesome shoes thanks to my sister! these kick ninja butt.


9/11 loose change

really interesting video about 9/11 government stuff. talks about the government planning 9/11 which is pretty insane when you hear it at first but watch the movie and you'll find some of the things they talk about really interesting.
+props to kenny for this link.

music gadget

this is pretty cool.. came across it when i was on delicious. its called the monome


dejavu number two

another shirt i made.. took forever so i decided its not for sale unless someone wants to pay like 15.. or 20. hah like thatll happen. anyways heres a preview..


dejavu tshirt preview

Been messin around with some stencils and my new silk screen and this is the first real design i made, so heres a preview, ill be posting bigger pics up later. any takers?.. 10$. more (better) designs coming soon..

Futura interview

old but awesome interview with futura2000 by the awesome site The Brilliance.

Still Free - Marc Ecko

Marc Ecko is crazy. This guy has balls if he tagged Air Force One. His opinions are strong, his innovations break barriers, he really changed the clothing scene with ecko untitled. ecko untitled isnt the greatest brand.. and it isnt directly influenced by graffiti as Ecko says. and it definitely didnt turn out to be the brand that Ecko said it is, but i like the ideas and opinions he has in this video.. Still Free


No signs of Life

Whats with the hibernation?.. all my favorite sites are totally dead. no links, no signs of life. i was looking forward to a week of websurfing fun.
And here you have some of my favorite sites..


awesome sketches

I came by zenvironments on del.icoi.us and those sketches are amazingly good. Check out the paintings and other works too.

And check out TAGUR, clean shoes, great idea.. i wish i could buy a pair and contribute but i dont have the funds.


George Bush and Art.

Reading this story on Beautiful Decay [anthology issue 30 "art in schools"] pissed me off. Art should be a part of schools. and so heres a great screensaver for everyone thats anti-dubya.


onitsuka tigers!

i just had to make this my first post. these are the best shoes ever! i cant wait till they come out...

images from fixins