art in schools

so this is kind of a repost.. but i wanted to, so why not..
okay so this is the whole art in schools thing thats been going on in the backround.. credit goes to the writer of the article, Jennifer Defilippo, on beautiful decay [anthology issue#30].

"The problem nowadays is that creative programs are being stripped away from schools with each year that passes. Kids are no longer finding the time in their school curriculum to be able to work with their hands or even move their bodies in a creative fashion. It's all about math and science, the things that politicians believe this country is based on. What they don't realize is it takes the nurturing of creativity for scientists to even imagine a cure for breast cancer. Creativity is responsible for the possibility of finding the cure. If we simply imagine it for a glimmer of a second, what we dreamt is one step closer to coming to fruition."

"Proper funding has always been an issue in the public school system. For some reason, the government simply does not want to pay for it."

"So what do we do as a community to help those that are younger than us and are at the mercy of political ambivalence? We step in and try to expose them ourselves. Unfortunately, elective classes and after school programs are nearly extinct from deficient funds. Thus we may have to consider our art as a donation. We have to make it important to us that kids are getting the same opportunities as we did. Children are the most creative beings that breathe."

"The will power of a child who falls in love with its own freedom of expression is one that cannot be reckoned with."


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