joga bonito and brasil!

so the world cup's been going on for a while now and my favorite is brasil. its not because they have the best record or they are favored to win the cup but i just love the way these guys play. its amazing. and nike's joga bonito campaign thats been going on for a while now has really been the best. these ads make me want to go out and play some futbol! and really joga bonito, "play beautiful" is how the game should be played, so with that lets let these clips do the rest of the talking.


the rock is in the building

you cant go wrong with the rock in the building. mr s dot carter, with hp. great advertising and it doesn't get much better than that. ive always liked hp's advertising campaign. check it out here


gnarley dude!

woah, so Gnarls Barkley performed at the MTV Music Awards and it was like a tribute to Star Wars. man these guys know how to perform. Chewbacca on the drums and the Stormtroopers on the guitars are my favs, check it outt.


The Namesake

i read Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies a while back and i loved it. Great author. Great book. i heard that The Namesake is even better. i was just looking around on apple's trailers and i came by this trailer, and after watching it i have to say i cant wait for it to come out. enjoy


here's an interesting movie i came by this week.. "brick"


anil gupta and other artists

damn anil gupta gots skill... check his portfolio out, and while i was on that site i came across an artist named derek hess. gotta say he has a sweet style.. check this one out.