in the meantime,

i made these shoes, my own to wear finally, check em out.

one day..

im going to make shoes like these.




brian from atlanta

first of all props to bing for showing me this photographer. stoneth has some really amazing shots on flickr and some really amazing stories. this is brian from atlanta.

"brian believes that the soul is not part of the body; rather that the body is part of the soul. he believes that his larger soul is extremely fragmented and possesses many incarnations; some simultaneous. he has memories from his other souls and his other bodies. he sometimes refers to them as ghosts; sometimes as dreams."

check out the rest of his story and read some of the other people's stories.


i used to think..



Gnarls Barkley + The Notorious B.IG. = Gnarls Biggie aka The Gnotorious B.I.G.! These guys made the songs into a whole Gnarls beats over Biggie's raps album! This is good stuff, and the Gnarls baby is hilarious. check it out and download it here!

And here's a music video for it all. Gnarls Biggie is the illest!



some of the freshest kicks i've seen in a while, check it out here..


warhol watchess!

seiko came out with these andy warhol watches. tiooght, but i wouldnt waste 75 bucks or 150 on them. and on the subject of warhol, he was a pretty weird guy, check out ni9e's I Blogged Andy Warhol.


ok, time for a post

jeez ive been a bum. ok so if anyone is into hiphop check out okayplayer. great forums site started up by ?uestlove of the roots that really gives some great talk about hiphop. and EVERYONE needs to get on del.icio.us today. its the best. basically what it does it store all your links from around the web and you can see who else has the same links as you, and from those people find even coooooler sites! if anyone loves surfing the web, definitely sign up. and if you do let me know!