mos def? not anymore.

Mos Def apparently made an "illegal" performance in front of the VMAs when he rolled up in his truck and performed on the street without a license to do so. He was singing "Katrina Clap", his song about Katrina and Bush's reaction to it. So this is what happened .. the police took him off the stage and arrested him.

Props to Mos for this, but he was rightfully arrested because he didn't have a permit. BUT THE REAL STORY about this song is..

"Like where the fuck is Sir Bono and his famous friends now,
Don’t get it twisted man I dig U2,
But if you aint about the ghetto, Then Fuck You Too"

This line about Bono and U2 is the stupidest line i've ever heard. i lost all respect for Mos Def, and really this little stunt he pulled means nothing if he's giving that kind of message.

Bono has done more than he ever will.
Mos Def is not Mos Def anymore.

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