“What you are now is the result of what you were. What you will be tomorrow will be the result of what you are now. The consequences of an evil mind will follow you like the cart follows the ox that pulls it. The consequences of a purified mind will follow you like your own shadow. No one can do more for you than your own purified mind – no parent, no relative, no friend, no one. A well-disciplined mind brings happiness.”

-The Dhammapada

truth in soul

"Recall the kind of feeling you have when someone praises you, when you are approved, accepted, applauded. And contrast that with the kind of feeling that arises within you when you look at the sunset or a sunrise, or Nature in general or when you read a book or watch a movie that you thoroughly enjoy. Get a taste of this feeling and contrast it with the first, namely, the one that was generated within you when you were praised.
Understand that the first type of feeling comes from self-glorification, self-promotion. It is a worldly feeling. The second comes from self-fulfillment. It is a soul feeling. Here is another contrast: Recall the kind of feeling you have when you succeed, when you have made it, when you get to the top, when you win a game or bet or argument. And contrast it with the kind of feeling you get when you really enjoy the job you are doing, you are absorbed in, the action you are currently engaged in. And once again notice the qualitative difference between the worldly feeling and the soul feeling.
Yet another contrast: Remember what you felt like when you had power, you were the boss, people looked up to you, took orders from you; or when you were popular. And contrast that worldly feeling with the feeling of intimacy, companionship - the times you thoroughly enjoyed yourself in the company of a friend or with a group in which there was fun and laughter. Having done this, attempt to understand the true nature of worldly feelings, namely, the feelings of self-promotion, self-glorification. They are not natural, they were invented by your society to make you productive and to make you controllable. These feelings do not produce the nourishment and happiness that is produced when one contemplates Nature or enjoys the company of one's friends or one's work. They were meant to produce thrills, excitement and emptiness.
Then observe yourself over the course of a day or a week and think how many actions of yours are performed, how many activities engaged in that are uncontaminated by the desires for these thrills, these excitements that only produce emptiness, the desire for attention, approval, fame, popularity, success or power. And take a look at the people around you. Is there a single one of them who has not become addicted to these worldly feelings? A single one who is not controlled by them, hungers for them, spends every minute of his/her waking life consciously or unconsciously seeking them? When you see this you will understand how people attempt to gain the world and, in the process, lose their soul.

-Anthony DeMello



headphones are the new thing.


iPods are great...

thats not my pic. but its nice so i used it.
loaded the sucker up right when i got it
and i went OCD with the names/titles on the songs. boy was that fun.


dinosaurs are the awesome

click and read. hahahahaha



finally, winter break is here. 2 weeks of freedom!!!

on a darker note, i hope so.cal. Edison dies. close to 48 hours without energy.. and damage to a lot of appliances and things.. candlelight eating isn't as great as you think.

and here's something that i really found great. something i believe in and a great design and concept
"juxtaposed:religion" - bringing the most influential religious texts together.



peace to darfur,

visit the darfur wall


this weeks postsec's are good.

the sequence seems to tell a story


random artist

cool piece i found on my current addiction... http://supertalk.superfuture.com/


new music

Mims - This is why i'm hot

Nujabes ft. Substantial - Aint no happy endings

"I make sense make dollars
Make a skinny girl holla
Make a fat girl hungry
Make the ugly girls want me
Put the pretty girls on me
Make the shy girls horny
Make the fly girls corny"

oh my goodness. this has to be the best rhyme of the year..

Jay-Z 44 4's

Rocafella forever, Hov for life
Debut's a classic, first album, 4 mics
Should have got a 5, but niggas lack foresight
But I don't give a fuck, I ain't do it for the hype
I do it for the hustlers, for the ghetto, for the plight
For the struggle, for those who bubble white
For fly 4 by 4s, roofless cars, flawless ice
For the pain, for y'all to know what it's like
For every time it rain, 40 days and 40 nights
For every promise made that never saw the light
I get my own 40 acres, give me 4 nights
4 O's, a glock 40 for the jackers and I'm right
Or the 4-4 will suffice
A 14 year old to look out for the vice
And you can sit back and just wait for the flight
Your boy'll take off like I been stripping all my life
That's the type of metaphors I write
To let niggas know I was real before the mic
Four front rows had the fur at the fight
No PETA on my peter let some room for the divas
In the suite we'll meet up if you're wild for the night
On a rampage, champagne pours on the floor
For all those who ain't make it here and lost they life
Wouldn't forget y'all for any price
Not for no hoes, not for no ice
Not for no fame, nor for bright lights
So I'ma end this here, real mean, but it's right
44 fours, motherfucker, I'm nice

i found these funny



Quoting Iggy...

"I don't know Johnny Rotten but I'm sure... I'm sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did. You see, what sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise is in fact the brilliant music of a genius, myself . And that music is so powerful that it's quite beyond my control and ah... when I'm in the grips of it I don't feel pleasure and I don't feel pain, either physically or emotionally. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Have you ever felt like that? When you just couldn't feel anything and you didn't want to either. You know? Like that? Do you understand what I'm saying sir? "




old Time cover

we should post these all around Cerritos. who's with me?