new camera, thanks to my sister

so this is great, definitely gonna have a lot more pics up on this sucker now that i have a digi camera, its the sony dsc-t1, slim sucker. and i was just taking random pics and i liked how these came out:

for some reason, im enjoying the blurry-ghost effect.

shoes im workin' on, looks like these will be the best i've made so far.


pretty darn swell




TV On The Radio with The Return To Cookie Mountain
These guys make the coolest music. different. interesting.

And, Spank Rock with "Yoyoyoyoyo"

Very unique stuff..


Music Currently "On Repeat"

So this is the stuff thats currently on repeat for me,

First of all, Bloc Party's new album, A Weekend in the City, which is most definitely one of my most favorite albums - of all time. HIGHLY REC'D.

Here's the video for their new single, The Prayer.

Next up, the new Brit band, The Kooks with their new album, Inside In, Inside Out
Faves on this album: Naive, If Only, Ooh La

And the vid for Naive.

Junior Boys with their album, So This is Goodbye.
Very Depeche Mode-ish. awesome sounds, awesome lyrics.

And here is The Equalizer,



quoting tyler durden

"calm as a hindu cow" - fight club