Police have rescued 14 children from a New Delhi sweatshop at the centre of a scandal involving US clothing giant Gap.

Despite reports over the weekend that a Gap supplier had sub-contracted work to the illegal sweatshop in the Shahpur Jat area of Delhi, Indian police did not raid the address until the Daily Telegraph produced photographs of the children still at work.

The Telegraph visited the complex posing as a buyer for a fictional boutique fashion outlet in London.

"The children are aged eight to 15 and at least three of them have told me already that they were working for no pay at all."

After negotiations with managers to view the quality of the workmanship and photograph samples, The Telegraph was shown to a series of 12 dingy rooms where both adults and children squatted on the floor performing delicate embroidery and stitching.

After their rescue, the children, who come from impoverished families in rural West Bengal, eastern India, were taken to a local police station where they were processed.

info via UK telegraph

This really hit home for me, for obvious reasons.
It absolutely disgusts me to even own anything Gap anymore.
Can it really get any worse than the (RED) campaign AGAINST poverty while your clothes
are made by 10 year old kids living in poverty?
It's a shame to see a company do this while being endorsed by so many great people for worthy cause when really, you can't even be sure if your money is going to the right places.

And I wonder why this story was no where near our main lines of media?
I will never buy Gap again.

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