you move in slow motion

everything goes by so fast


comic relief

i know everyone needs some laughter,


New Dehli Sartorialist, Part Deux

more fashion from the motherland

cause dark kids can style too.

niiice style, foreigners in the motherland

same girl, different day

via The Sartorialist


New Dehli Sartorialist

fashion from the motherland


Time Lapse

LA to NY

This makes me want to go road trippin'...

Music vid by Michel Gondry who also did Daft Punk's Around the World

D V N O four capital letters

This music video is just too good, as a fan of typography and letter art, i couldn'tv asked for a better music video.

Justice - DVNO

Justice is killing it with their music videos, some of the best out there!


You Don't Need Eyes to See

I remember watching Oprah a few years ago, and she had this amazing guest who was blind. I still remember what he said. It was something along these lines: I see blindness as an ability, not a disability. Because I am blind, I am not able to judge or discriminate. Those who can see are able to, and for that reason, they are the ones disabled.

I came across this a while ago, Braille Graffiti...

"Most braille found in public exists as pragmatic directions. This project is an attempt to create a unique moment for a blind person who might happen across one of these bits of braille graffiti. 5 different phrases were peppered around Portland, Oregon in late August, 2007. "

One sentence reads: You don't have to be blind to see that the writing is on the wall.

Another: Tiny bubbles that randomly rose from the paper in this arrangement



Mothers beware! Spraypaint is in the air!

this is ridiculously funny "Carrying around fat markers - not for test taking"

What is tagging?

Tagging is not an art form or about expressing oneself. It is vandalism and the destruction of private and public property. Tagging is any unauthorized marking, etching, scratching, drawing, painting or defacing of any surface of public, private, real or personal property.

Tagging causes blight in our community resulting in a genuine threat to the quality of life, incalculable economic losses to businesses, and can lead to the general deterioration of the area in which you live or work. The eradication of graffiti is a huge drain on the City’s resources in both cost and manpower. In most cases, the difference between graffiti being art or a crime is PERMISSION!

"permission".. Graffiti is not a legal art form, we all know that, but what people don't realize is the beauty in "getting up" to the spot, using the environment to create a piece that is in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of that bridge that seems inaccessible. Some people see graffiti as dirty, degrading writing that is some kind of poison to the community, but I see it as making a street corner a bit more interesting, beautifying the environment. Its all a question of perspective.

via the Santa Ana Police Department



surprised you were human

too much emotion and thought comes out of this one, no words


There is an Elephant in the Room

and it isn't the plane,

anybody remember the dollarfifty prices of the 90s? 20 could fill your tank clean.
Universal healthcare? terrorists? no.
GAS PRICES are the biggest problem in this country.


WHO do they think they is

alright, i guess that is kind of funny..


The One with the...

Who doesn't watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reruns? The show must be one of the best ever, and if you haven't been watching for the past 10 years, you are definitely missing out. People who don't have cable TV, which pertains to the writers of this blog, get by watching late night reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., That 70's Show, and Fresh Prince.

My favorite character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has to be Ross. Who's yours?

and here is a clip from one of the best episodes, The Trivia Game :