You Don't Need Eyes to See

I remember watching Oprah a few years ago, and she had this amazing guest who was blind. I still remember what he said. It was something along these lines: I see blindness as an ability, not a disability. Because I am blind, I am not able to judge or discriminate. Those who can see are able to, and for that reason, they are the ones disabled.

I came across this a while ago, Braille Graffiti...

"Most braille found in public exists as pragmatic directions. This project is an attempt to create a unique moment for a blind person who might happen across one of these bits of braille graffiti. 5 different phrases were peppered around Portland, Oregon in late August, 2007. "

One sentence reads: You don't have to be blind to see that the writing is on the wall.

Another: Tiny bubbles that randomly rose from the paper in this arrangement



kal penn said...

hey this is cool.

aishwarya rai said...

i like this very much.

krishna patel said...

i watched that oprah too.