Dear God

Dear God is a new site created by The Cool Hunter.
People from around the world reveal their most intimate prayers and beliefs,
frustrations and dreams, and to no particular God, but a common higher entity.
Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, all of the above, or you just don't know,
you can take something away from this site.

Heres one for humor, not to be taken seriously:

Dear God, I have one word for you dude. Vision. Having been in the ad game since the days when the right length pony tail got you an executives position, I can tell you a thing or two about your brand. Firstly, your PR guys are bad for your image. No one wants to do business with hypocrites so until your boys in the robes can start behaving themselves, your organization is going to suffer image problems. Secondly, cut the hair and lose the beard. I’m seeing a short back and side and at the very least a goatee for you. Thirdly, the crucifix thing died when Madonna set them on fire for Pepsi. I’m thinking we go for a octagon in a nice shade of fushia.Finally we need to condense the old and new testament into an online blog and you tube a few miracles if you want to reach those selfish little Gen Y assholes. Those pricks live online and have plenty to go to confession for, but its gotta come to them so confesstube, may be something to think about. I do consultancy works for $1800 an hour . No personal cheques, I don’t care who you are.
leon Stellar, Orion Media Partners - New York/USA

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