Breakfast Table Song

Beck is a awesomely weird fellow who makes awesomely good music. Did you know that he is afraid of ramps and only takes the stairs?

Last time I saw this performance was on SNL when it was around Thanksgiving and Beck played on turkeys and cranberry sauce!


Anonymous said...

so you say flossing is a waste of time huh?? i'd like to hear you say that to me in 10 years when all your teeth fall out. the tooth fairy can't help you then! this video is pretty awesome.

Alan Jepsen said...

tricky tricky imposter! It's ALAN not allen. Identity theft is a crime. Thou shall feel my wrath in class.

Alan said...

so who is the real Mr. Jepsen?
we shall wait and see tomorrow.

nupur and ronak, you are two troublemaker East Indians.

your blog was linked through Jennifer Lee's blogspot.