Cannone and Hale

Lately I've been looking around a lot for new artists and styles of art, and the results have been more than satisfying.
First, Sebastian Cannone.
The Showreel 2008 is MIND BLOWING, it is a must-watch, art aficionado or not.

The way he extends the body and objects and blends them into special effects is my favorite element in his work. You can clearly see that he has mastered the art of movement, and not to mention a perfect soundtrack.

Next, the work of Phil Hale.
One of the only artists that gets me scared, a lot of this stuff is bone chilling, but all of it is dark and painted with a powerful amount of detail.


shock me like an electric eel

MGMT - Electric Feel

Woodstock meets Lord of the Rings.
only MGMT can pull this off, and watch it in hi quality, its worth it!


Fafi + Nippon Vogue

Fafinettes for Nippon Vogue:

green with some mean'

Reverse Graffiti,
a beautiful concept, perfectly executed

It's been very interesting to see how graffiti has branched out in the past few years, first with stencil art, followed by more recent light graffiti, projection graffiti, and many more unique ideas. The reverse graffiti project is definitely a nice addition to the world of graffiti.




fixed speed bike

Justice leather jacket and black jeans

WTF stamp

Tarintino poster

cubic watermelon

skull disco ball

Karma Sutra Chicken

Bored summer post #1 : Somewhat of a sexay post

This Fedde le Grand song plus INOJ have been ringing in my ears since I left school. Stripping fembots and lap dances, no wonder they played this in the quad everyday. This song is an ode to the birthplace of techno, Detroit:

This is for the veggies:


here's to summertime!

the livin's easy.


Hat Hair

When you have a bad hair day, just go put on a cap:



the best commercial i've seen in ages,

pops knows how to do the MC Hammer slide!

happy early fathers day, fathers!


Oh Karl, You're a Bit Pricey

Get me this and I'll love ya forever:

Chanel bike at $12,000


The Decapitator

Ever wish that advertisement you see everyday didn't exist?
Someone does, and the anonymous artiste has an interesting way of showing it. London's new street art extraordinaire, The Decapitator, found an amazing way to rid that wall of Carrie Bradshaw, take off her head.

Very well done, to the point that it almost looks like her head should be off. Thank you Decapitator, for doing not only London-but the whole world, a generous favor.


You Don't Find Ice in Holland!

Dave Grohl is dreamy...

Kurt Cobain predicts Nu Rave...

if only my arms were a lifeboat,

mjolk is a four year old clothing label from down south in Australia that was started in Sweden.
Really nice, clean style, and definitely has been my favorite brand for the past couple of months, and i finally found some pictures, although the best pieces are definitely on the site.