Ode to the Sounds of the 90s:

Which was the best music era? Despite the fact that most people think the fashion and music of the 90s are pure crap, I love the 90s, from grunge to britpop. If it's true that fashion and music repeat their cycles, will we become more fond of the 90s as time passes by?

One of my favorite pictures of Radiohead from Spin where the band members were asked to write down what they would like to change about themselves, notice Thom doesn't have that lazy eye
Billy Corgan when he had hair:

* A Nirvana/Sublime-free post. Just this once.


dejavu said...

brilliant, the additional at the end was a great one.

me ineptum said...

I'm making the last rounds before I leave, so yes Nupur. In the words of MamaFer imitating Nu's boo's comment, "Brilliant".

Historical post!