Its been a while for a new post on 7hedejavu, so here we go

First of all, I've always wanted an awesome DSLR camera, but always thought the bulkiness would hold me back from taking it everywhere, because who knows when you'll get a good shot?

Here's a camera that puts DSLR settings into a point and shoot:

It can shoot ISO80 to ISO1600, 1cm macro mode, 4 person face recognition, and costs $450, out in Japan on September 5th.

It kind of reminds me of my phase of obsession with the Leica M8:

but beware, its about 5G's.

This past week I went biking at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, and biking uphill on a BMX sucks! I also went to a bike shop that had a bunch of really, really nice fixed speed bikes.

one day...

and a cool bike-dreamcatcher:

The fixed-speed bike culture is big, and its growing!

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willie said...

i dont know if comments are allowed, but i had to. that camera is awesome looking, and i want one. and y ugot your fixed speed