A Seismic Bloc Party

This past Tuesday, July 29th, we had a shake up in So Cal, and an amazing Bloc Party concert at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles.
As Kele said, it was a day to celebrate, we survived an earthquake!

The Setlist:

Hunting For Witches
Like Eating Glass
Waiting For The 7.18
Price Of Gasoline
Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
So Here We Are
The Prayer
This Modern Love
I Would Die 4 U (Prince cover) / Flux
She's Hearing Voices

Friendly Fires opened up the concert with some great newcomers energy, followed by the dance driven beats of Does it Offend You, Yeah? Their performance can be summed up by the indecipherable words of the bassist, "It looks like America's Got Talent up there, this is supposed to be a fuckin' dancefloor!" Bloc Party surpassed any great expectations I had, even with Gordy out on fatherly duties, they absolutely killed it. The Prince cover was an unexpected, but of course Kele made the song even better than it already is. Mercury was perfectly performed, even with the new dance beat and voice-sampling. And being in the second row didn't suck either. As for the direction of their third studio album, I predict a more Mercury, dance-like sound. It's a big change and although they are good at it, I think most fans want to see Bloc go back to something along the roots of Silent Alarm, am I right?

photo credits go to WHAAAAATTTTTT!!!

and in Kele's words, "told you it was going to be seismic!"

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