Joy Division

I've always wondered what was behind the Unknown Pleasures cover art:

“The album cover, designed by Peter Saville based on a graph of 100 consecutive pulses from the pulsar CP 1919, is regarded as a classic of minimalist sleeve design. The image was found by Sumner in a book of astronomy and represents “the final flashes of a dying star.”"

The custom NBs :


Is there anything more classic?

I am in the Audrey Hepburn mood. I have yet to watch Funny Face, but these scenes make me want to be Holly Golightly for a day...

and the end...


you make the music sound better

" I love music. I believe that for people who love music, the desire to share it is innate and crucial for music itself. When we find a song we love, we beckon our friends over to the turntable, we loan them the CD, we turn up the car stereo, we put it on a mixtape. We do this because music makes us feel and we want someone else to feel it, too. "

via Muxtape

its coming back!



Living walls by Blu

Really inspiring! I couldn't stop watching, props to Bing for this one.


The New Manifesto

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
Then I realized God doesn't work that way, so I stole one
and prayed for forgiveness.

-Emo Philips



Wasn't Charlie Chaplin accused of "un-American activities"?


I used to say YSL to avoid bad pronunciation...

I probably should have looked at this a long time ago:


like ripples on a blank shore

Radiohead just announced this to be the official video for Reckoner:

Find more videos like this on w.a.s.t.e. central

I love the feeling to this video


flying suits!

This is unreal! I remember seeing this a while back on the tele, but for some reason it didn't catch my eye until I watched this video the other day.

They look like flying squirrels, I bet there was some form of inspiration there:



"Either you're slingin crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot"

- Biggie/Antica