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All Roads Lead to Apache

"Apache" must be one of the most covered and sampled song in history, yet most people have never heard the original. The song has evolved so much since its 1960 release by The Shadows to the Incredible Bongo Band's version dubbed "hip hops national anthem".

One of the more popular versions by the Sugarhill Gang, on Fresh Prince:

The original by The Shadows:

more versions here, for music nerds



The coolest kid on Youtube right now is Jack Conte,
Some of the best covers I've ever seen, and he does them all himself!
Listen to all of it, he has a good message at the end of National Anthem and Feel Good Inc is hilarious.

Radiohead - National Anthem

Radiohead + Chopin

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.


Obama For Yo Mama


Walking on a Dream

This post is long overdue..
This has always been a dream of mine:
A real life Sputnik satellite, a napkin that holds the plan Roosevelt authored plan for World War II, books bound in rubies, full raptor skeletons, a celestial atlas from the 1600s. All of it done in the most amazing interior of a house I have ever seen. The wood panels, MC Escher floor prints, grand red curtains, lit like a true museum. 

Jay Walker is the founder of Priceline.com and Walker Digital and he owns a 3600 square foot home filled with a collection of the most interesting things from all over the world.

Who would have ever thought a regular person can get their hands on this stuff? Seems a bit out of this world.

via Wired


Classic Lego

Garry Winogrand recreates classic photos in Lego form!
But I have to say, the smiley faces make some shots look surreal...

Alfred Eisenstaedt's 1945 photograph "V.J. Day Times Square"

Jeff Widener's 1989 photograph of "The unknown rebel" at Tienanmen Square

The smiles on their faces...
Eddie Adams Vietnam war photograph from 1968

Robert Capa's 1944 photograph taken during the D-Day landings on Omaha beach during World War II

The original of this photo is one of my all time favorites.
Malcolm Browne's 1963 photograph of Thich Quang Duc's self-immolation in protest over persecution of Buddhists in South Vietnam

Marc Riboud's 1967 photograph taken at an anti-Vietnam protest in Washington