Beck's Record Club

Record Club, an informal meeting of various people to record an album in a day. An album will be chosen to be reinterpreted and used as a framework. Nothing rehearsed or arranged ahead of time. A track will be uploaded once a week on beck.com as well as through the web sites of those involved with the project.

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Sunday Morning' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico "Venus In Furs" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Love the idea behind this, back to the basics of music as it was made 50 years ago.



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Sao Paulo Fashion Week Image via Getty


Little Joy

There is no doubt that Little Joy is number one on my playlist this summer



Probably my favorite music video in a long time, I wish i knew what the song means!
Sour - Hibi No Neiro